PEFLog asthma tracker v2.4.4 improves the logic of presenting readings’ colors in the log page. Readings remain green except when too much (80%) below the best reading so far. This improvement was made based on the customer feedback. Thank you so much for your feedback!

For instance, if the new reading goes below 80% the best reading so far, then the color of the new reading is yellow. On the other hand, if the new reading is above the best reading so far, then the color of the new reading is green but all future readings will be compared agains the new reading. I.e. the new reading becomes the best PEF and comparison point.

This logic is especially relevant for children because their PEF readings often improve as the child grows. The continuous improvement of PEF readings doesn’t mean that past readings suddenly become any worse and color should change. So, green readings in the past should remain green regardless if future readings become higher.

This logic means that the color of the readings is always determined by the current situation. The logic is applied in the log-page and only the readings without meds are accounted. In the report-page, each reading appears in the color zone in relation to all time best (or best PEF if provided manually).

As a summary, log-page presents colors in relation to previous best. The chart in the report-page presents color zones in relation to all time best.