PEFLog asthma tracker new version makes it even more suitable for primary healthcare physicians. The new version 2.5.0 improves the report and variation algorithm that can be used in diagnosing asthma.

The daily variation that is visible in the bar chart is now calculated based on the maximum reading from each puff set within each day. Therefore users may see bit better results (less variation) than earlier because false minimum readings are ignored.

The report includes more details for physicians and it can calculate e.g. bronchodilatation, variation and reversibility, so that it’s easier for health care to take full advantage of the report.

For users’ asthma home monitoring, the usage of PEFLog remains super easy and making morning and evening puffs and saving readings will produce invaluable data and comprehensive reports ready to be sent out.

PEFLog settings-menu includes a “tell a friend” feature that makes it easy to inform friends about the app 🙂