PEFLog – super easy asthma tracking app

PEFLog is an asthma tracking app that makes PEF monitoring so simple that anybody at any age can use it with ease.

Asthma symptoms, which include coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness, are common in an asthma attack. Sometimes asthma is called bronchial asthma or reactive airway disease. Asthma can be controlled with proper treatment. Check the overview of asthma from WebMD.

PEFLog asthma tracker mobile application supports treatment decisions and it works as an asthma diagnosis helper tool and users can use it for asthma self monitoring.

The application also helps asthma doctors, nurses and users workload by automating and digitising manual phases to export, transform, present and send data that is needed for asthma diagnosis and monitoring. PEFLog understands bronchodilatation and produces results and reports automatically.



– Save Peak Flow readings with ease
– Edit results and monitoring periods
– A timer to remind about the next blow after having medication
– Comprehensive report and charts
– Daily variation, period’s variation and average variation
– Bronchodilatation (impact of the medication)
– Reference PEF (calculated based on age, height and gender)
– Personal best (calculated or manual)
– Colour zones (green, yellow, red)
– Alarming variations indicated in red
– The report is easy to send out
– Dark and light colour themes
– Languages: English, Chinese, Finnish, Norwegian, German

Why PEFLog

I’m a father of four and found traditional asthma monitoring difficult, boring and time consuming. I tried to use pen and paper with my children but it didn’t really work out. I ended up creating snappy PEFLog-mobile application for myself and for my children. The idea behind PEFLog was to make asthma tracking as simple as possible so that anybody can start using it in seconds.

PEFLog helps doctors’ and nurses’ work

PEFLog makes doctors’ and nurses’ routine tasks easier by automating data collection, reception and transformation tasks which are both time consuming and error prone. Automatically produced report includes pre-calculated results and it’s easy for the customers to send any time. The risk of human errors in the asthma reporting is minimised when manual steps are no longer needed. PEFLog may be a big help in asthma diagnosis and it can e.g. illustrate the impact of bronchodilatator.

PEFLog supports you in ensuring asthma is in control

It’s a good idea to read every now and then how to perform monitoring.

PEFLog app replaces traditional PEF-monitoring and that is all you need. In case you are doing traditional PEF-monitoring, then you can download and print PEF-monitoring diary and fill it with a pen.

When PEF-results are available the recognition and prevention of asthma can be made with ease and it enables the management of asthma. There can be quick and significant savings when expensive medication is used for real need only.

The asthma report contains invaluable information about asthma situation. The report illustrates all data you have collected when you have blown to the PEF-meter and saved your results. It’s easy to interpret the information in the report. The report can also be emailed out to e.g. parents or a doctor (e.g. when diagnosing asthma).

Information about asthma

Asthma affects tens of millions of people. There is lot of important information available about asthma e.g. by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

PEFLog user instructions

PEFLog is easy to use, check PEFLog user instructions for asthma tracking